Health Screening Preparation Tips
Health Screening Preparation Tips

Health screening preparation tips

  • Fast—Unless you're diabetic, you shouldn't eat for 12 hours before your tests. Don't drink alcohol during that 12-hour period, either. You should, however, stay hydrated and take any necessary medications.
  • Prepare your body—The hour before your screening, drink a glass of water, avoid strenuous exercise, and limit caffeine and nicotine intake.
  • Save—In addition to offering the free tests and flu shots, the Plan’s providing other tests at significantly discounted rates.

    Discounted tests include:
    1. chemical screens to evaluate kidney and liver function, electrolytes and iron, and your thyroid
    2. a sophisticated cholesterol test that screens for heart disease and diabetes
    3. a prostate exam, specifically for men experiencing prostate problems
    4. a blood count test to check for infections and abnormalities by measuring blood platelets, and red and white blood cells
    5. a measure of vitamin D to ensure proper bone health and energy levels
    6. a test to detect inflammation in your blood stream, a risk factor for heart disease
    7. a measurement of your average blood sugar over the last three months—helpful in determining your risk for diabetes
    8. a test to determine your blood type, good to know for blood donations
    9. a Celiac disease test to measure antibodies that block proper food absorption

See Dr. Rich Penaloza's guide to the free health tests available at the fall 2013 biometric screenings.