Biometric Screenings

Biometric Screenings

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2015 Biometric Health Screenings

As a measure of health and wellness, Be Colorado is hosting biometric screenings to help you manage your health and be informed for a future of lasting wellness.

Your annual biometric screenings are free, convenient health screenings that measure the following:

• cholesterol
• blood sugar
• blood pressure
• height
• weight
• waist circumference

Results obtained from this simple check-up will provide you with information on the current state of your baseline health, allowing you to evaluate and target issues early-on. Data collected from the screening will be confidentially uploaded to your SUCCEED Health Assessment outcomes to create a more convenient and customized health evaluation experience.

Check back soon for scheduled screenings and additional info!


Q: What is Be Colorado?

Be Colorado is the integrated wellness program of the CU Health Plan. 

Q: Who is eligible?

University of Colorado (CU), University of Colorado Health (UCH) and University Physicians, Inc. (UPI) employees and retirees who are the primary member of CU Health Plan are eligible to participate.

Q: When will I get my test results?

Your results will be mailed to your home 2-4 weeks after your screening date.