Join Be Colorado Move. today!

Join Be Colorado Move. today!

Featured News | Nov 04, 2013

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Download the "Be Colorado Move" app from your iTunes and Google Play stores

  iPhone users, click here to download the app.

  Android users, click here to download the app.

Once you have downloaded the Be Colorado Move. app and registered for an account, visit and sign in with your app-login information (e-mail, password). Click on "Groups" and then "Join Move Program" in order to officially enroll in the Move. program! 

For a step-by-step guide on how to join the Move. program app users click here. Fitbit, Body Media, and Garmin users click here

For a guide on how to use the app, iPhone/Apple users click here and Android users click here. The app works for both indoor and outdoor activities, and you do not have to purchase any additional devices if you use the app. 

For FAQs and more information about the Move. program click here.

*Remember, you must complete the SUCCEED Health Assessment in order to be eligible to earn the $25 monthly incentive through Move. If you have not yet completed the health assessment click here for more information and a link to the questionnaire.